To view the TOC, Bookmarks, Highlights and Notes of the book/journal articles.
Tap the icon at the top, which displays a series of four tabs as follows:

  • TOC – lists all the chapter/sections of your book/Journal.
  • Bookmarks – lists all the bookmarked pages. You can view the pages by tapping on them.
  • Highlights – lists all the highlighted contents. By tapping on them will take you to the highlighted page. You can add notes to the highlighted text and also delete them.
  • Notes – list all the notes taken while reading. By tapping on the notes will take you to the specific page. You can also delete the notes.

1. Click the icon at the top

2. Click any section to easily view its content

3. View all the bookmarked pages

4. View all the Highlights           

          5. View all the notes taken