Boundless features and proficiency of Nova in accessing books and journals, the publication of any distinctive work with videos and audios and so forth makes the readers and publishers to effectively use the platform. 

Publishers can load single or bulk files straightforwardly through Nova’s content loader which includes details of file completion status, processing time and so forth. The publisher can publish, update or unpublish the contents at any time through a simple user-interface. Separate sections are provided to view the uploaded book and journal files respectively to make the process undemanding. The timely warnings on missing files and errors occurrence are included for the faultless processing of the files. Nova permits to perform all the functions in a staging environment itself before making it active in the live production to minimize the complexity and maximize the convenience in making actions.


  Schematron validation  Embargoed content  Content upload
  Hot folders  Single entry and Bulk publish  Content management

Nova has invoked the shopping cart and payment system to render the e-commerce support for websites that provide direct online facilities. The AMS system of Nova incorporates all the transactions history related to e-commerce and has the ability to integrate with the external system for inventory and invoicing process.


  Shopping cart  Payment system  Integration with order completion
  Integration with Inventory  Transcation History view  Transcation Report

Nova provides an agreeable way for the organizations to control over their IP address ranges, URL, basic contact information through the user-friendly interface.


  Library card  Username/password  IP range
  OpenAthens  Shibboleth  Referring URL

Nova incorporates an Account Management System (AMS) for creating individual and organization accounts, titles and offers associated with free trials, lifetime and subscription. The system also enables the organization to manage the account information such as IP ranges, and other contact information and notifies the organization or individuals on personalized activation and expiry period..


  Offers  Notices  Products
  Subscriptions  Accounts  Tokens
  Custom collections  Trials  OpenURL 0.1
  Library URL  Library branding text  Library branding image


Nova is incorporated with a web Content Management System (CMS) inclusive of a feature-rich editor section, menus, navigation option, page addition and organizing features. All types of contents and supplementary materials can be updated effortlessly using the system which also supports custom forms management and news management for updating the timely felicitous content in the site.


  Static page guidance  Homepage editor  Globalization
  Custom forms guidance  News guidance

Nova renders various services to librarians, including SRU/SRW service for supporting a broadcast search, account information management, subscription renewals, database customization links and so forth. Librarians can even make changes related to customer account name display and logo that are provided to their users on the site. Nova provides a facility for librarians to submit an OpenURL in order to offer easy access to their own categories.


  Add library logo, name & URL  SRU support  Discovery service
  Federated search  OpenURL support  DOI registration
  MARC records  Links to various database  OAI-PMH support

Nova builds the revenue model in view of small to medium level publishers without compromising the features. The revenue model including life-time purchase, time-limited subscription and renewable subscription is supported. A system is incorporated within Nova to support purchase using credit card. Nova also supports external systems for transactions.


  Subscriptions  Concurrency support  Perpetual access
  Pay-per-view  Named seat support


Nova supports SUSHI standard and COUNTER 4 and provides detailed reports to librarians on web traffic analysis and failed search which is contemplated as a foremost facet in figuring out the failed strive of the users in finding contents within the product.


  COUNTER Journal reports  COUNTER book reports  COUNTER database reports
  SUSHI REST service  Web Analytics  Failed search reports

Nova presents assorted contents including images, tables, videos and audios in a well-organized manner. The various options are incorporated into the content viewer of Nova in a user-friendly way. The quick and right navigation assists the user to shift between various contents. The instantaneous sharing of contents to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Whatsapp is implemented. Appropriate external links are provided plainly within the content to refer to external sources. All the reference information is provided with the appropriate links. Users can capture citations in APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard formats and export them to various formats such as  RIS, Text, BibTex and word.


  Social media sharing  Text resizing  Cross-references
  Cross references through metadata  Printable version  Smart navigation
  Entry navigation  Versions  Editable Title pages
  Forward Linking  Various Citation forms  Glossary
  Article archiving  Citation export  in different formats  Tables
  Inbound and Outbound OpenURL support  DOI support  Email an entry
  Turn on/off hit highlighting  Paragraphs with Images/Media  Editions
  Support sidebars  Cite and entry  Paragraphs

Nova widened the personalization features in a way to congregate the user content collections into PDF and EPUB formats. The formats can also be downloaded for offline reading. The system also enables publishers to control these tasks.


  Add Title  Add TOC  Add Running head
  Add Footnotes  Custom publishing service

Nova has peerless and prominent searching features in particular Quick search and Advanced search to transfigure the actions facile and accurate. Advanced search with boolean operators, phrases and taxonomy broadened the accomplishment in producing precise search results. Accurate search results from advanced searching features accompanied with an expeditious overview of Images, Videos and Audios of the searched books or journals aids the readers to earn a quick understanding of the subject without digging into details.


  Search based on Full text  Search based on Metadata  Boolean search
  Advanced search  Support wildcard characters  Quick search
  Search broadening  Applicable ranking  Pagination
  Language (English) query  Highlight context  Email results
  Alphabetical ordering  Guided Navigation  Content based sorting
  Highlight search Result  Support

Nova personalization feature incorporates various options such as saving search history, entries and personal collection creation with options to set private or public. The users can opt to share their collections to the public so that the other users can view. The users are also provided with the option to set the search alert to receive notifications on any new matches added related to the search, and to enable citation alerts to receive immediate notification when other publications cite the specific title.


  TOC & Ahead of Print alerts  Citation alerts  Project creation
  Search result save  Personal dashboard  Citation download
  Search alerts  Project content ordering  Bookmarking option
  Highlighting option  Publish projects to the site  Commenting option
  Set Project to Public or Private  Annotate option

Nova provides an effortless service to explore the contents easily. The Browsing options with multifarious filters including Categories, Publishers and Access type enables the user to hop over to the subject and explore the content. 


  Image Gallery  Editable Subject Landing Pages  Browse based on taxonomy
  Email results  Advanced search  Alphabetical sorting
  Browse based on subjects category and publishers  Browse based on Access type (open access and paid)  Search within browse

Nova provides an easy content sharing option to share the contents to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Whatsapp. The interaction between users and Blog content providers is accomplishable.


  Sharing content  to Facebook  Sharing content to LinkedIn
  Sharing content to Whatsapp  Sharing content to Twitter

Nova has a collaboration feature to render a collaborative environment for the user. The feature enables the users to send an invite to another user to collaborate with control over viewing and editing. The interaction between users and Blog content providers is accomplishable.


  Podcasts  Blogs
  Collaboration tools  Content tagging