You can invite others to collaborate with your collections, and share, views, notes, etc. To collaborate, follow the below steps.

1. To share the entire collection, tap the Collections tab, choose your collection and tap the icon at the top.

2. To share individual Journal or Article, tap the Ellipsis icon at the top of the page and then choose Collaborate.

3. Enter the Email address of the person you want to invite.
4. Set the restriction to either View or Collaborate and then tap the Invite button.

  • View – Invitee can only able to view your collection.
  • Collaborate – Invitee can able to collaborate (make note, highlight, etc) with the collection you shared.

5. The invitee name and email address appear.

6. An invite will be sent to the mentioned email address and they can view your collections.
7. To remove the invitee, tap the Remove option.
8. Refer to the below image which shows the collaboration of the invitees in the shared collection.