Advanced Search provides more relevant search by combining keywords with modifiers such as AND, OR, and NOT.

  • AND – Include all of the keywords and provide the result.
  • OR – Include either of the keywords and provide all the combination possibility results.
  • NOT – Does not include the keyword and prevents the term/keyword from appearing in the search results.

To get more relevant search, follow the below steps

1. Tap the Search icon at the top.
2. Tap the Advanced Search option.

3. Tap the down arrow, choose the option.
4. Enter the text.

5. Tap the plus icon at the bottom-left corner and repeat step 3.
6. Now, choose the modifier (AND, OR, NOT) according to your choice.
7. Tap the Search button at the bottom.

8. You can have any number of rows as per your choice.
9. If you want to delete any row, tap the Delete Row option.